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You've found it! The internet space that I have (ab)used to dump all my sorrows and pleasures of preparing and living out my big dream: crossing through Alaska, Canada down to Florida. On a bike of course, what else?

Before I left, I wrote:


It is a dream I promised myself to fulfill in 2000 as I was coming home to Holland after a year’s travel in Australia and New-Zealand. Now I find myself in the midst of a thirty crisis, which means that it’s time for action and to bring out the adventurous Nennie in me.
The big plan is to spend about 8 months on American and Canadian roads. I’ve got no clue whatsoever what is going to happen to me in those 8 months, although some crazy scenarios have occurred to me. I might end up in the digestive system of a wild grizzly bear as soon as I set foot in Anchorage, or I meet my charming lumberjack prince and bare him 13 kids in matching plaid shirts. Or I might return to Holland and meet new friends as I collect my food at the Second Harvest Food Bank . There is only one person that knows the outcome of this adventure: my future me. That’s why I dedicate my written (hugely silly) stories to her in the hope that she will read them with a smile on her face.

To all my friends, family and the rest of you lot: I hope you’ll enjoy my portraits of a long and hopeful adventurous journey oversees and bear my weird sense of humor along the way.


I returned home safely after 10 months, positive that someday a new travel adventure will come along. In the meantime you and I have to do with my current blogs and pictures. Enjoy!


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Swamp of normalness

17 Aug 2014 18:34 - Nederland

Dear past me, You've succeeded! It’s been 4 month since my return to Holland and I regard myself enough ‘future me’ to respond to your tales and your expectation that I would smile while reading them. I hope others have done the same. And no, none of your predictions came true: I've seen enough bears (and I am sure there were plenty more that went undetected), but none of them had brought their napkin and cutlery.» Lees verder

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