Queen on her throne

Dear future me,

 It’s funny when you get to a new environment, you’ll feel lost for a while. But within just a few days, you suddenly feel at ease, like you’re coming home when you get back to your hostel and see familiar faces. It might help that everybody just loves my new bike, it’s a real attention drawer. No matter where I am, it only takes seconds before somebody (usually men) to come over and awe at my bike. So I just love my KLR! Or it might help that I’m a woman on my own and people try to help me in any way they can. I just have to give them a smile and the fire brigades arrive.

 Or is it just the hospitality I meet up here? There are so many kind people, like Barbara and Mark who helped me get around from the first day I arrived. Mark has shown me the whole area on our evening trips and Barb took the time to get me familiar to all the (big) shopping centers. So I’m not  only the proud owner of a gorgeous looking and riding bike, but also of camping gear, tools and too many other stuff I need while I’m on the road. Thank god for these Pelican cases I ordered (which took me about 6 hours to set them up, thankfully with a little….or just a lot of help from Andy), because they are fit to handle all my luggage. My bike must feel as a donkey as it is carrying all my stuff in a trillion cases and bags. Gladly it makes me feel as a Queen on her throne, as I’m just leaning backwards as a ride my bike smoothly over the roads in Alaska. At least for the first 1000 miles so far.

Anyway, I’m getting the drift of how to survive in Alaska. Although some old and ancient Nennie foolishness keeps appearing now and then. Last week I took my bike for a test ride down to the Kenai Peninsula. That was the first time I could check my raingear as it was pouring down while I crossed Turnagain arm (or did I just see Turnaround on the signs??). But soon the weather cleared and it started to get hot. Homer was my first stop and Charlie, a friend of Barb, was waiting for me as he was my host for the next two days. He showed me how beautiful this little town on the side of Cook Inlet is, with water everywhere and snowy Mountains on the horizon. Homer Spit is a tourist attraction, but I managed to stay clear from all the tourist shop. Okay, so I couldn’t resist a nice beer in the Salty Dog, so what!. As Charlie is just on his own there in Homer, he was happy with my companionship and so was I with his. I had a whole bedroom for myself, including a Jacuzzi! Wow, I don’t even have that back home.

Next stop: Seward. As Homer is in the left south corner of the Peninsula and Seward on the right south corner, you could assume that it would only take me a few hours to get to Seward. But that is just not the Alaskan style. No, I had to drive all the way back north, to the east and then south again.As I’m a curious Dutch girl, it took me all day because I had to stop everywhere for photo’s and video’s, including driving up and down the roads to test my GoPro (helmet camera). So far I’m still trying to find the right angle as I’m shooting too much grey stuff (the road) and too less beautiful whites, blues and greens (the scenery). But I got down to Seward eventually. Just right on time to book a boat tour.

Well, there’s where the Nennie foolishness comes around. As I was seeing many whales, dolphins, see lions and glaciers, they could sue me for being a paparazzi. But they got their revenge…..just about the time a whale came over to show off by auditioning to a circus movie, my camera lost his juice. So as everybody was cheering Oooo’s and Aaaa’s, I was hammering my battery as a lunatic. This is probably not a correct English sentence, but it’s giving a vivid account of what happened. So I missed the acrobatic whale, I missed the killer whales, the sea otters and so on. Thank god for the hospitality of Americans who offered me to email some photos. Next day, I went to the Exit glacier on foot. I charged my battery, so this time nothing could stop me  for shooting prizewinning pictures. Except for the fact that a charged battery won’t help you if it is NOT in your camera.

Well……at the end, I returned to Anchorage safely where I’m now waiting for a service on my bike. Tomorrow I’ll leave for Dawson (D2D motor gathering) and it will be an excellent opportunity for me to find out if my tent is up for his job. And I’ll definitely find out how much blood I can lose before I have to go to the hospital as all the mosquito’s are happily looking forward for their diner (me).


Annemieke, 18 juni 2013

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Yvonne vd Linden 19-06-2013 09:31

Hi Nennie,
It's a pleasure to read your story. And it is also good for my English, you know, I'm a kind of 'dyslectisch' for English, so this is a great oppurtonity to practice.
At this moment I'm waiting for the sun, it should be the hottest day this week, around 30 degrees, but the only things I see are the cloudes in the sky. And that on my day off.
You made nice pictures, Alaska has a great nature, it's realy beautifull. And of course a nice photo of a bottle of beer. Yesterday I started with our last creation of beer 'Mexican Cerveza'. It taste like lemonade, but with alcohol, you know, so I have to drink slowly, and that's not easy, sitting in sun in the back yard.
Your motor looks realy like a donkey, maybe you can hang on a car or something (aanhangwagentje).
I look forward to your next story, have a lot of fun!
Greetings from Yvonne vdL

René (VGM) 19-06-2013 10:41

Hoi Annemiek,

Wat een geweldige foto's! En wat een leuk stukje.
'n Beetje jaloers ben ik wel. Zeg maar heel erg jaloers.

Geniet, maar denk aan de muskiet!

Greetings from René

Patrick 19-06-2013 23:18

Hoi Annemiek,
Je bent nog maar een paar dagen onderweg en hebt al een heleboel meegemaakt! Op de foto`s is goed te zien hoe prachtig de natuur daar is! Hopelijk is je tentje niet alleen waterdicht, maar ook muskietendicht! Veel plezier en tot het volgende verslag.
Groetjes, Patrick

Harm 20-06-2013 21:41

Hoi Annemiek,
Wat een gaaf verhaal!!
Zit hier samen met Nicoline op de schommelbank te genieten van je schrijven.

Veel plezier en ben benieuwd naar je reis verslagen.
Groet van Harm en je zus.

Henk Petermeijer 21-06-2013 14:10

Hallo Annemiek
Vol bewondering lees ik je verhaal.
Leuk om te volgen!
Veel succes verder

Marlen 21-06-2013 18:31

Hoi Annemiek,

Wat een mooie foto's. Een hele fijne reis!!!!
Zal zeker je reisverslagen blijven lezen.
Groetjes, Marlen

Wil Groen 22-06-2013 10:44

Hoi Annemiek, leuk verhaal, boeiend. Mooie foto's. Probeer ook wat detailfoto's te maken, doen het altijd leuk tussen je overzichtfoto's door en als je het durft probeer ook wat echte portret foto's te nemen van de mensen die je tegen komt. Veel plezier. Wil Groen

Diane 22-06-2013 12:05

Ha Annemiek,

Watertandend lees ik iedere letter en bekijk iedere foto; wat een uitzichten! Geweldig en wat een zooi heb je op jouw motor kunnen vastbinden!! Ziet er spectaculair uit en een stoere bike hoor!

groetjes van Diane
ps: ook mooie harley..........

henriette 22-06-2013 16:42

hey annemieke, wat een ontzettend mooie reis maak je. erg leuk om het allemaal te lezen. veel plezier groetjes thijs en ik!!

Rian 23-06-2013 14:48

Hoi Annemieke

WAUW!! Geweldig allemaal hoor!
En wat een schitterende foto`s!
Ik geniet op afstand met je mee.

Groetjes Rian.

Harrie 24-06-2013 21:48

Weer een mooi verhaal en vreselijke mooie foto"s . Je moet wel genieten hiervan ben best wel een beetje jaloers . geniet van je kawa zit wel erg vol .Maar mooi om te zien

goedele 28-06-2013 14:00

Hoi Annemieke,

Allereerst van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Ja,ja, dat vergeten we niet ook al ben je heel ver weg.
Wat een heerlijk verhaal weer en wat een prachtige foto's.
Veel blauwe luchten. Die zijn hier nog ver te zoeken.
Fijne verjaardag en tot het volgende verhaal.

Groetjes Goedele

Jacqueline 01-07-2013 11:26

Ha Annemieke,
Eindelijk even een moment genomen om je blog te vinden en te lezen. Wat ontzettend leuk om je stoere verhalen te lezen en de prachtige foto's erbij. Ik kijk al uit naar je volgende avonturen !
Nu lees ik via Goedele dat je net jarig geweest bent, alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd!


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